Thankful for Supporters

Billy Edwards

- Chateau Elan

"As a lawyer for over 20 years and board member for non-profit organizations, Kurt has a thorough understanding of public policy.  During this time of historic growth in our Town, Kurt's knowledge and application of the comprehensive plans and development codes makes him the best candidate to serve as the next Mayor of Braselton."

Jace Brooks

- Gwinnett County Commissioner (Former)

- Suwanee Town Council (Former)

"We learned a lot from each other during a 1 year Leadership Development Group.  Kurt has been groomed to be a leader that is intentional, curious, humble, and teachable.  He is a friend, someone I admire, and I believe he is ready for this opportunity." 

Heath West

- Clearwater Plantation

"When our neighborhood felt isolated, ignored, and overwhelmed with bad growth, Kurt helped us join a team to gain a political voice.  Kurt has my full support for Mayor of Braselton."

Greg Bowen

- Falls of Braselton

"I've collaborated with Kurt in group settings and 1-on-1.  He exemplifies leadership, and we have the same vision for high standards in Braselton.  I fully endorse Kurt for Braselton's next Mayor."


Waylon Howell

- Gates of Braselton

"For more than three years, Kurt has been bringing communities together and pursuing Planned Growth for Braselton.  I fully endorse him for Mayor!"

Lee Baker

- Baker's Farm

"Straightforward, effective, team-builder - that's Kurt.  I fully endorse Kurt for Braselton's Mayor."

Joy Basham

- Riverstone Park

"With a calm demeanor, listening ear, and vision-casting, Kurt connected many neighborhoods that are now the Braselton Community Alliance.  Kurt has my support to become Braselton's next Mayor."

Diane Basham

- Del Webb Chateau Elan

"Kurt provided insight on zoning laws and the comprehensive plan when we needed it.  He helped connect like-minded people.  He has a vision for high standards in Braselton.  Kurt has my support for Mayor of Braselton!"

Beth Henry

- Del Webb Chateau Elan

"Kurt shares my vision for smart/planned growth in Braselton.  I believe he will listen to our residents because he really truly cares about our community.  Kurt has my support to become Mayor of Braselton.  I will encourage others to do so also."

Janet Warren

- Chardonnay Trace

"Kurt has my support for Mayor of Braselton!  I like how he listens as a leader, engages with residents, and has a vision for high standards."

Art Finley

- Chateau Elan

"Kurt and I presented together before the Town Council on several issues and collaborated on many more.  Kurt has my support for Mayor."

Luz "Momma Mia" Rodriguez

- Chardonnay Trace

"Kurt really won me over with his honest and humble approach to leadership.  I think he will listen to our concerns and follow up.  Kurt has my support for Mayor of Braselton!"

Scott Wargo

- Riverstone Park

"Kurt has my vote for Mayor!  As for the last 3 years in collaborating with him, he's proven he has a vision for Braselton that's based on community engagement and deep knowledge of the issues."

Darren Harden

- Gates of Braselton

"Kurt has the right vision for planned growth in Braselton.  He listens to current residents and cares about families.  Kurt has my full support to be Braselton's Mayor."

Amy Hickman

- Chateau Elan

"I volunteered with Kurt at Eagle Ranch (who honored him as the 2017 volunteer of the year), and I was impressed with his leadership.  I've asked questions about Kurt's vision for Braselton, and if his vision becomes reality, Braselton has some great things ahead."

Rita Stellar

- Del Webb Chateau Elan

"Despite having just met Kurt, during the 2 hours in which he explained his philosophy and future plan for Braselton, he has me convinced to vote for him for Mayor this November.  I will also be making this recommendation to my neighbors."

Bob Stellar

- Del Webb Chateau Elan

Kurt impressed me as a straight-shooting, honest, and thoughtful individual with great ideas for Braselton.  I'd like to give him an opportunity to implement them as Mayor."

Stephanie Joedecke

- Chateau Elan

"Kurt cares about Braselton and the ability to raise our children in a safe and healthy community.  I believe in Kurt's passion to lead this Town with current initiatives and his vision for the future.  That's why I endorse Kurt for Mayor."

Amber Halper

- Mulberry Park

"When our business faced bad growth that would endanger the lives of children, Kurt helped us understand Braselton's zoning laws and present opposition.  He wants what families want in Braselton.  Kurt has my support for Mayor."

Alex Sanchez

- Liberty Crossing

"After Kurt invited my son to join his boys for soccer practice, I learned his vision and goals for Braselton.  He has my support for Mayor of Braselton."

Troy Clark

- Gates of Braselton

"Kurt and I were on the same wrestling team in high school.  The Ward family has always been high quality - good people.  Let's vote for Kurt as Braselton's Mayor."

David & Kay Wilson

- Del Webb Chateau Elan

"We have known Kurt for many years through Gwinnett Church.  He is an incredible leader.  Kurt has our support for Mayor of Braselton."

Scott Holmes

- Clearwater Plantation

"I'm endorsing Kurt as a candidate for the Mayor of Braselton because I believe in his vision for our community.  His willingness to listen to community members, while promoting responsible growth, is a winning combination."

Rick Yarbrough

- Del Webb Chateau Elan

"I'm endorsing Kurt Ward as a candidate for Mayor of Braselton because I believe he has a positive vision for the future of "Our" community.  I believe he will lead the Town Council towards listening to the constituents and towards making "Our" community a premier place to live.  He has the business experience and Christian character traits that will make him a great Mayor."

Jason & Shelby Guzzardo

- Falls of Braselton

"Kurt wants Braselton to be a destination, not a by-pass.  He knows what families want and has a plan to get there.  Kurt has our support for Mayor of Braselton."

Vincent Spencer

- Riverstone Park

"I was a volunteer coach with Kurt in his triathlon program at Eagle Ranch.  He's a natural leader, and he has my full support for Braselton's next Mayor."